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Service Objectives

BT Consulting offers a set of Banner ERP services to assist colleges and university IT departments in developing clear approaches when upgrading existing systems or delivering new systems.  These services help IT departments identify overall Banner readiness by addressing the following objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of the technology stack supporting infrastructure and applications
  • Determine the best technologies and architectural models that fit IT objectives
  • Understand the gap that exists between current and future Banner environments
  • Develop Banner standards the can be adopted as a blueprint for the system implementation



BT Consulting knowledge base, background, and experience come from over 20 years with firms such as IBM, Cap Gemini America, Ernst & Young, SunGard Higher Education, Keane, and other industry leading software and consulting companies.  Our experience gives us the ability to execute large and small scale projects seamlessly, while our size enables us to develop cost-effective solutions for our clients.



  • Banner Review
  • Application Architecture, Design & Development
  • Customization of Banner
  • Service Oriented Architecture & Web Services (SOA)
  • Technical Integration
  • Data warehouse design & modeling
  • Custom Reports
  • Integration into existing .Net & JAVA Technologies



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