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Service Objectives

BT Consulting will help clients understand their challenges by gathering their objectives, then introducing potential solutions that will allow our client to reach those objectives.  We will assist in determining resource cost for solutions, aligning client business activities to solution options, and gather and deliver results.

  • Manufacturers need to move from a “react to forecast changes” mindset to an adaptive paradigm to deliver on their customer expectations better than their competition.
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers need to manage New Drug Approvals and Abbreviated New Drug Approvals with their manufacturing capabilities.
  • For Pharmaceutical clients to become adaptive, they must understand and connect ERP, Process Control, Middleware Software, Packaging Line Systems, and Scanner and Vision Systems.
  • Manufacturing operations – planning, execution, quality, maintenance and Lean Six-Sigma enabled by mySAP, ERP
  • Domain expertise and deployment solutions and services across multiple Pharmaceutical segments, for rapid time-to-value
  • Pharmaceutical Serialization enables companies to deliver superior performance through visibility and responsiveness in real time.



BT Consulting knowledge base, background, and experience come from over 20 years with firms such as IBM, Cap Gemini America, Ernst & Young, SunGard Higher Education, Keane, and other industry leading software and consulting companies.  Our experience gives us the ability to execute large and small scale projects seamlessly, while our size enables us to develop cost-effective solutions for our clients.

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