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Service Objectives

BT Consulting Portal services helps organizations prepare or evaluate a Portal deployment by addressing the following objectives::

  • Portal Classification Models – including employee facing intranet, partner-based extranet and mass customization-based internet.

  • Information Architecture - determining how to effectively deliver critical information along with their supporting processes.

  • Application Integration Points – creating and identifying key integration requirements

  • Security– managing different user roles and access

  • Portlets – development and creation of portlet groupings 

  • Content and Change Management – identifying an approach by which the portal content will stay fresh and deliver the right information



BT Consulting knowledge base, background, and experience come from over 20 years with firms such as IBM, Cap Gemini America, Ernst & Young, SunGard Higher Education, Keane, and other industry leading software and consulting companies.  Our experience gives us the ability to execute large and small scale projects seamlessly, while our size enables us to develop cost-effective solutions for our clients.



  • Architecture Design
  • Integration
  • Security Design
  • Implementation Services
  • Portlet Development
  • Platforms
    • IBM WebSphere Portal
    • Microsoft SharePoint
    • Various OpenSource Portals
    • Aqualogic



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