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Service Objectives

BT Consulting offers a set of Business Collaboration services to help organizations maintain a competitive edge through the employment of efficient business inter-, intra- and extra-organization collaboration tools.

  • The use of a Portal to unify access to all corporate information and applications
  • Utilization of PDAs and alternate devices to more effectively collaborate with field sales personnel
  • An online collaboration solution working with distributed team members to simplify the exchange of information saved and updated in one location on the web.
  • Our Business Collaboration services provide a full range of technology and process models to help organization collaborate more effectively using tools as summarized in the following table.



BT Consulting knowledge base, background, and experience come from over 20 years with firms such as IBM, Cap Gemini America, Ernst & Young, SunGard Higher Education, Keane, and other industry leading software and consulting companies.  Our experience gives us the ability to execute large and small scale projects seamlessly, while our size enables us to develop cost-effective solutions for our clients.



  • Portals
  • Instant Messaging
  • Collaborative Applications
  • E-mail/Messaging
  • Enterprise Directories
  • PDAs
    • Microsoft Exchange
    • Lotus Notes
    • Microsoft Active Directory
    • IBM Websphere Portal
    • Microsoft SharePoint



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